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LightMetals Industries is a consulting firm specializing in Nadcap Accreditation, chemical processing for the finishing industry; process control & optimization, lean practices and improving product reliability. Our team of experts has dozens of years of experience; particularly helping aerospace and defense suppliers and contractors in achieving operational compliance with the requirements of National Aerospace and Defense Contractor supply chain requirements. 

As consultants to the aerospace industry we have enjoyed great success helping our clients achieve their objectives and to experience success.  Chemical Processing plays an important role in the aerospace industry. The Nadcap Program has shown that planning and process control are the key elements to success in chemical processing and in the reduction of non-conformances in the aerospace industry.

Thus, the key to success for those companies performing special processes per Nadcap is strong systems and process control. As Lead Nadcap Auditors, our process engineering experience and process control methods and programs have led processors to greater profitability through efficiency, higher product reliability, reduced process variation and lower costs while maintaining high customer satisfaction and reduced turnaround time.

The key to business growth in today's business environment is to be "better" than the next guy by employing "best practices" such as those recognized and utilized in the aerospace and defense and medical instrument industries.

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